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You could capture YOUR Wedding, with just pictures...But why exclude the laughter, music, speeches - and more?


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Why Video?

Quality, engaging videos are the most effective tool you have to reach potential customers. Did you know 90% of customers take online action after viewing a video online? PLUS Google rewards companies that publish video- by lifting your rank. So it's an easy decision to make video marketing a main pillar of your online strategy. 


Here are the types of videos we do that create emotional connections with your future customers:


-Testimonial videos

-Business Profile Videos

-Training Videos

-Branding Videos

-Special, Live Event Videos


15-30 Second Videos:   $450

60-120 Second Videos:$750

Custom Length Videos: $950

Special Event Videos: Start at $600

Revisions/Re Edits

Once your video is delivered to you, the base price includes two revisions. This allows for the final product to be exactly what you imagined- and more!

Post Production Marketing

Creating great video content is a great start. But it won't go viral without applying clever & regular marketing to it.

Our team will successfully get your video ranked on Google, YouTube and Vimeo. We will optimize your video and make sure it is seen - and shared - by many.


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